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We help ecommerce Websites build their brands through organic search.

Helping Your Ecommerce Business Grow With SEO.

Our ecommerce SEO agency helps build your online business with data-driven campaigns aimed to reach and convert your customers. 

To raise your product offerings to page one of the search results, we start by analyzing your website to determine how we can improve it.

Some of the services our ecommerce SEO agency offers include:

  • Custom-tailored ecommerce SEO strategy
  • Keyword research for words with the highest commercial intent
  • Content optimization
  • Product markup
  • Product image optimization
  • Product SEO copywriting
  • Expert blog copywriting
  • Content promotion
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Monthly keyword, traffic, and conversion reporting
  • And much more

Our Ecommerce SEO Agency Helps Your Business Become Discovered Online.

44% of all shoppers begin their search online. 23% of all transactions made online are attributed to organic search discovery on Google.

This means that a quarter of your sales can come from being found via Google and other search engines. But how does this happen?

Just like traditional SEO services, ecommerce SEO is the art of ensuring your website and content is fully optimized for search engines. This means having quality content, strong site architecture, simplified website code, indexable pages, keyword research and implementation processes, and much more.

However, the main difference with ecommerce is that your goal is to create a sale on the spot. This means you have to target keywords that have the highest commercial intent. In other words, you want to attract website visitors who are most likely to buy from you the first time they log on.

These keywords can be identified by a number of tactics our experts in ecommerce SEO deploy. Along with keyword research, we offer content writing for your most important product pages, technical SEO services, off-page SEO, and more.

Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Creating More Sales Online

Project Analysis

Our team analyzes your ecommerce SEO needs and determines the efforts required to fulfill them.

Competitor Analysis

We take an in-depth look into your competitors to understand how they have used ecommerce SEO to their advantage.

Keyword Research

We do keyword research to find the words and phrases with the highest commercial intent for your products.

On-Page SEO

We make changes to your product pages copy to ensure they're optimized for the right keywords, as well as your overall website.

Off-Page SEO

External efforts include building links, improving off-site presence, and connecting with customers to improve your ratings.


Each report we give offers an in-depth breakdown of our efforts and the results we're creating for your ecommerce platform.

Content Strategy

We create content strategies that help you reach and educate your target customers to begin building strong brand awareness.

Content Creation

We help you create and implement content that has the best chance of reaching your target customers. Contact us for more info.

Review and Revise

The ecommerce SEO process is ongoing. We stay up to date on current trends to make improvements.

An Inside Look at Our Ecommerce SEO Process.

Starting a new ecommerce website or improving your existing one can be a huge, daunting task. How do you know what keywords to write for? How do you know what content will rank? How do you generate more conversions?

With our ecommerce SEO agency, we provide services that help you create well optimized content for more sales, solid website architecture, gather off-page SEO signals, implement technical SEO, and much more.

Here is our process for working with ecommerce clients and what you can expect from our team.

#1: Finding the Right Keywords.

Before we can make changes to your website and content, we need to know what keywords you need to rank for. Keywords and keyphrases in ecommerce SEO are different from traditional SEO.

With ecommerce SEO, our agency looks for the keywords with the highest conversion rates, also know as, words with the highest commercial intent. 

While yes, we use the same process for finding traditional SEO keywords, it’s even more crucial in ecommerce SEO. We’re specifically looking for one, or a collection, of the best possible keywords for your product that is most likely to generate a sale. Due to the sheer amount of competition in the marketplace we want to convert your customers as quickly as possible.

We start this process by using various tools that help us find and identify the best keywords for your products. We also use simple, but effective methods, like using Amazon autocomplete searches and categorical searches to get a better understanding of what your customers are searching for.

#2: Implementing the Keywords Onto Your Store.

Once we have your keywords, we begin the process of implementing them onto your website. Our ecommerce SEO agency adds them to a number of places, such as:

  • Your homepage
  • Product page titles
  • Product meta descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Image alt attributes
  • URLs
  • And More

This part of the ecommerce SEO strategy is essential, as it’s the driving force of your optimization. Writing web copy for your products will take a long time, as we recommend writing 1,000-words of content per product.

ecommerce SEO agency process

This part of the ecommerce SEO strategy is essential, as it’s the driving force of your optimization. Writing web copy for your products will take a long time, as we recommend writing 1,000-words of content per product.

By hiring a full-service ecommerce SEO agency like us at PurpleCup Digital, you can get access to our web copywriting services, where we’ll help you implement these keywords and write quality content that has a great chance of ranking on Google.

Note that we also include SEO web copywriting for our ecommerce SEO packages in addition.

If you decide to hire our ecommerce SEO web copywriting services, you get access to our talented writers who can create content that’s on-par with your brand message, include your target keywords, and increase conversions.

#3: Increasing the Visibility of Your Product Pages With On-Page SEO.

Product pages are the driving source of revenue for your ecommerce business. Some online stores have thousands of products. Some just have a couple hundred or less.

Regardless, it’s incredibly important that all of your product pages are well researched, filled with valuable, unique content, and optimized around a specific keyword relevant to your product with high commercial intent.

Your product pages are most likely to rank for “long-tail keywords”. These are keyphrases that include more than one or two words, such as “wooden cutting board with handles”.

Our ecommerce SEO agency brings a holistic approach to each product page that you need optimized. We start by creating high converting titles for your products, then write a keyword-rich product description that totals at least 500-1,000 words long. Then, we ensure all technical elements are optimized properly, such as image file optimization, image alt tag optimization, URL optimization, meta tags and descriptions, internal linking, and more.

These processes ensure that your products has the best chance at ranking on search engines like Google for target keywords, thus creating more conversions.

#4: Making Your Ecommerce Website Navigation-Friendly.

User experience (UX) goes hand-in-hand with SEO. A good UX design and site architecture lowers bounce rates (percentage of users who leave without interacting) and increases conversions. Both of these factors may possibly be a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm that help you if done correctly.

Our job as an ecommerce SEO agency is to ensure that your UX and site navigation, or site architecture, is optimized, user-friendly, and efficient.

The general rule of thumb for websites is that the home page should never be more than three clicks away from wherever you are. Sure, anyone can click your logo at the top of the web page, but from an indexing standpoint, its important to follow this rule.

Some of the features we optimize for UX are:

  • Ensuring your categories are relevant to the product and necessary
  • Making sure you have a link to a top-level page on every product page
  • Creating easy navigational structures with breadcrumbs or easy-to-find links
  • Optimizing category and subcategory pages for SEO
  • And more
ecommerce seo site architecture

Basic ecommerce website structure.

By implementing these changes, you can lower your bounce rate, increase conversions, and become more discoverable by search engines, as well as your customers.

#5: Content Strategy and Implementation.

Ecommerce is an extremely competitive space. For one, Amazon is the giant in the room. Two, there are at least 12-24 million ecommerce stores on the internet. 

It’s a daunting number. So, the question is, how hard is it to rank on Google for the search terms that you want to rank for?

It’s certainly not easy, but with our help, we can help get you there.

Our primary means of getting you there is by helping you create and implement quality, shareable content.

The fact of the matter is, over 60% of consumers want to work and buy from a company that produces quality, original content on their websites. This content takes many forms, but primarily comes in the form of a blog on their website.

It’s imperative that you incorporate a blog on your website. This will add SEO power to your site, as well as social proof that you’re a respectable brand.

Here’s how our ecommerce SEO agency helps you plan, create, and implement content for your webstore:

  • Identify informative keywords that your target audience is searching for
  • Develop a multi-faceted content plan to tackle the keywords we discovered
  • Offer consultations for how to properly structure and write SEO-rich content that will outrank your competition
  • Offer content writing services for your blog
  • Offer consultation on the development of other forms of content (video, podcast, social media)

Our team of expert content writers has helped brands rank articles on page one of the Google search results multiple times. For more information on our content strategy, read here.

The Benefits of Ecommerce SEO For Your Online Store.

SEO is by far the most powerful form of marketing. It can become the largest source of revenue for your business, especially in an expanding digital market, while still being the cheapest expenditure in your marketing budget.

For ecommerce stores, SEO is just as important as in any other industry. With huge competition in the ecommerce space from major brands like Amazon and Walmart, as well as several small ecommerce stores fighting for the top spot. There’s hardly any room to let up on the gas.

SEO can help your ecommerce store stay in the race with your competitors, drive more sales, increase brand awareness, and pave the way for success.

Ecommerce SEO Helps Your Website Become More Visible.

Without an expert, data-driven strategy from an ecommerce SEO agency like PurpleCup Digital, then you might not be reaping the benefits of an online store that’s visible to your customers.

An ecommerce SEO strategy based on the proper keywords that are most relevant to your products, well optimized site architecture, and product pages filled to the brim with quality content, will help alleviate your ranking on the search engines and present your products to customers looking for what you sell.

Ecommerce SEO Has a Wide Net.

Traditional marketing is expensive and linear. You can only market one or two products at a time and the odds of creating a conversion are significantly lower than shoppers looking for a specific product online.

When you hire an ecommerce SEO agency like ours, you’re enabling your entire webstore to become visible to your customers. Instead of marketing one or two products at one time, or spending thousands of dollars to make a print catalog that won’t convert well. You’re instead investing in your entire store to become visible online through multiple channels, 24/7.

SEO takes time to fully catch momentum, but when it does, it becomes the driving force of success for your company.

Ecommerce SEO Increases Brand Awareness.

With SEO, not only are you becoming more visible to your target audience, but you’re building your brand awareness. The more customers and prospects that land on your website and see your brand, the more people know who you are.

As long as you’re discoverable on search engines, your brand will be visible for everyone to see. With increased sales, your products can be shared, increasing your visibility even more. With ecommerce SEO, it’s all about volume and quality.

Without an investment in ecommerce SEO, you miss out on lots of opportunities and forfeit tons of potential sales.

Ecommerce SEO Generates Long-Term Growth.

SEO for ecommerce websites like yours can create real results that lasts as long as you continue to diligently optimize and create new content on your website. Or, hire an ecommerce SEO agency like ours to do so.

Search engines are statistically said to have a 15% closing rate. Sure, that may not seem too high on paper, but it’s remarkably better than the 1.7% closing rate that traditional marketing has.

Think of it like this. If 1,000 people visit a product of yours that sells for $20. Based on statistics, 150 of those visitors will become customers. That’s $3,000 worth of revenue just from one product! Consider the hundreds or thousands of other products you have on your website.

You could be generating lots of revenue just by hiring an ecommerce SEO agency like PurpleCup Digital alone!

Ecommerce SEO Keeps You Ahead of the Competition.

If your website is beautifully designed and works like a charm, but you have no SEO strategy. You’re not going to make a lot of sales versus a competitor that has a decent website, but a good ecommerce SEO strategy.

It’s vital to your success to implement a powerful SEO strategy that keeps you ahead of the competition. With an ecommerce SEO agency like PurpleCup Digital, you get exactly what you need. Our custom-tailored SEO plans made for your business can help elevate your rankings, build your authority, and increase sales.

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